Home Repair and Remodeling



Many of us grew up with dark, damp basements. Sometimes they were semi-finished with a couch, some mold on the floor and a horrifying furnace is hidden away somewhere. Sometimes they were just a pit where your parents threw holiday decorations during off-seasons.

This does not have to be the case! Finishing a basement turns it into a valuable part of your home that you can use for anything you can imagine. At Reol Help we’re in the business of surprising you with just how much you can love your basement.


Does your growing family need space? Do you work from home and lack a proper office? If you’ve been thinking about moving, we recommend you consider expanding your home instead. Room additions allow you to add a custom space built for you, by you, without having to entirely uproot yourself.

Not only this but if you ever do choose to move, additions—especially those that expand upon and improve a bathroom or kitchen, have a very high return on investment so you will be making your money back.

When you buy a home you love, you’re not always guaranteed to continue needing a home that size. Don’t leave a space you’ve settled in when you can just add to it and make it even better.


If you’re feeling stifled within your own home, it’s time for a change. Maybe you don’t have enough space in a particular room, or you’re missing a room entirely. No matter what the case is, one call to Reol Help and we can start the design-build process.

We’ll decide the optimal location to expand in, outwards or upwards. Your experienced home remodeling contractor will provide you with a risk-free cost estimate and a rough plan of what the build will be like and how long it will take.

When everything is in order, we can start the renovation. In the case of a second-story home addition, don’t be concerned about any damage being done to the home. We demolish carefully with all structural considerations in mind and protect the rest of your home as we build up.

Out, up and away! Call Reol Help to get started on your home additions today!


The Reol Help team is devoted to our work, and to your vision.

Home additions are one of the largest home remodeling undertakings, and so we take them seriously. You are not just updating an existing room, you are adding an entirely new room or story to your home that needs to match the rest of your home inside and out.

Choosing just any remodeling team for the job would be a bad decision. Go with a team that takes care in the work they do, can adhere to deadlines, and remain cost-effective.

When you call Reol Help for an estimate, you get all three of those things and more!